We visited the special place today-Foluszek to learn about medieval times.
Gród Foluszek on PhotoPeach

Thematic tents- Portugal

In Portugal they are many Medieval Fairs in cities across the country.
In Santa Maria da Feira, it is a medieval fair very big and important.
The one that I share here, will be held in my village. We join in the School of the 2nd and 3rd cycle - EB 2,3 /S do Pinheiro, because it is the headquarters of our Group of Schools.
It is 3km from my school. All students in the 1st cycle, 2nd cycle, 3rd cycle participate in this fair.
After you choose the clothes to the class, parents send fabricate the same clothes.
Each school, chooses a different social class.
All of our students wear clothing of medieval times, and do a walking parade through the streets of our village.
In the Medieval Fair our students participate in various activities: parade with medieval costumes, medieval games, dancing, playing flute, theater, etc.
This fair is open to the public and only ends at midnight. We sell various products from our region: the convent sweets, potatoes, onions, baskets, roast pork, chickens, rabbits, etc..
It is interesting to travel back in time for a day.


Grunwald - 600 th anniversary of the battle



On 15 July 1410, on the battlefield of Grunwald, the united Polish, Lithuanian and Ruthenian forces under
King Władysław Jagiełło routed the Teutonic Knights who had
been a threat to both Poland and Lithuania.
600 years ago, the flower of European knighthood clashed near the village of Grunwald in what turned out to be one of the largest battles of the Middle Ages.
Supported by armies of West European knights, the forces of the Teutonic Order were defeated.

The battle shifted the balance of power in Eastern Europe and marked the rise of the Polish-Lithuanian union as the dominant political and military force in the region.


Grunwald Fair on PhotoPeach

Grunwald Fair on PhotoPeach

Olaf from class 3a from Olsztyn, Poland visited Grunwald with parents in July 2009.

Olsztyn-knights in the castle