A warrior of honour is the poet of justice and truth.

They are the guardians of the weak, they are the defenders of the helpless.

Money, Power, a warrior of honour seeks not these things.

They salve their lives for those they serve.

Every one dies, not every one truly can ever live, unless they understand and apply the truths of honour and duty.

No one gains true respect by the murder and the pain of others.

Those who seek for valour will discover the poets of justice that lie within their noble hearts.

The Code of honour of Knights had heavy Christian influences. During the early Middle Ages, churches in Europe proposed that knights were not allowed to attack peasants, women, priests and merchants. In addition, they were not allowed to do battle on Sundays or other holy days.
Knights were taught to fear God and maintain His church. They were also taught to serve their liege lord in valor and faith while protecting the weak and defenseless people in the land.
This included orphans and widows. Knights were also prohibited from offending others and taking any monetary rewards for their good deeds. They also protected the honor of other knights and to never refuse a battle regardless of the odds. Finally, the Knight's Code of honour included other simple rules that included speaking the truth, keep their faith, finish everything they start and to respect and honor women.

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