Legend of Pocol's Castle
The elegant ladies long dresses and large, richly decorated with hats and strings of pearls decorated their white necks, away from the sun, the dandy rule in constume, striped caps and placed gyp, in part, some horse-drawn carriages haughty and even a couple of fancy cars, the beginning of the century, like jewelry, parked in the shade of large trees in the yard and inviting - like it has been atmosphere that prevailed immediately after lifting Pocol House building in 1903. Today, the castle, as the locals call it, is forgotten and fallen into decay, only some small details, worked with minuteness and still undistrib, the construction and memory of several older people who live in Baia Mare Valley Borcutului more are proof of what once was the pride of the area. ( Sourse: here)

26 nov.2010 Castle Pocol, Baia Mare on PhotoPeach
Pocol castle - design by Andruta

Snowing at the castle

Drawings of students from class 3a Olsztyn, Poland